About Us

The need for great entertainment is more important than ever.  But how can you be sure you are bringing the best quality entertainment to your hotel, casino, or retail venue audience? Introducing EntertainmentResource.net, a full-service Entertainment & Atmosphere consulting firm that specializes in creating unforgettable experiences for your guests and clients.

We handle all facets of conceptualization, planning and production to seamlessly integrate entertainment into any existing location and ambiance. Our focus is on spurring revenue growth through the added value of entertainment, atmosphere, and experience enhancement. Revenue growth isn’t our sole focus; quality live entertainment has continually proven to increase Quality Survey scores from guests.

With more than 30yrs. experience in the entertainment industry, specializing in guest enhancement experiences through the activation of live entertainment, it gives me great privilege to announce the launch of EntertainmentResource.net, a company providing entertainment and atmosphere solutions to the Hospitality, Gaming, and Retail industries.

We only utilize the most professional, pre-vetted, quality entertainers to help enhance your brands vision and create an atmosphere where the guest experience is elevated. Please follow, connect, like, and stalk, for all the most up to date and current trends in this burgeoning space.

Please feel free to reach out to discuss how to elevate the guest experience and increase ROI through the implementation of live entertainment activations.

Our Services

Utilizing only the best “pre-vetted” professional entertainers, we provide the best-suited performers that understand the synergy between entertainment & hospitality. Everything from DJ’s to solo performers, full bands from any genre, to specialty acts. We work closely with you and your team to understand your brand and vision then provide you with great entertainment options to drive revenue and enhance the guest experience.


Working with ownership and marketing, we assist with entertainment budget creation, scheduling, management, and payroll. EntertainmentResource.net is your turnkey solution for everything entertainment and atmosphere for your property or venue. We can assist with custom playlist solutions and LV installation to create the best representation of your brand through atmospheric solutions.


Staging, lighting, and audio production is another added advantage to working with EntertainmentResource.net. We have state of the art equipment that will enhance any performance, large or small.


Entertainment Partners

Our Team

Ron Green

Chief Entertainment Officer

With over 30 yrs. in the entertainment industry, both behind the mic and behind the scenes. After working nearly 4 years for the iconic music centric brand Margaritaville as the Director of Entertainment at their flagship resort located in Hollywood Beach FL, Ron was responsible for creating the now nationally recognized premier S. Florida entertainment destination. With over 1000 performances yearly between 4 live music venues and an annual budget of close to $1mll, Ron has solidified his place as one of S. Florida’s go to people for all things live entertainment. With a keen understanding of budgeting, activating, and scheduling in a multi venue property, Ron decided to open EntertainmentResource.net with the understanding that many S. Florida and national brands would like to implement live entertainment activations at their properties but do not have the contacts or the understanding on how to implement such activations.

Specializing in multi venue entertainment and atmospheric activations

Customized atmospheric audio playlists